This is our extension pairing feature. Depending on the extension you choose for a domain, you may be presented with additional options at a discount.

For some extensions we offer, it's obvious why we do this — singular and plural. For other extensions, the pairings just make sense. Check them out below.

acapella / acappella

Apparently, both spellings are valid.

battlechip / battlechips

Megaman Battle Network fans can make an homage to their favorite BattleChip and also create a folder based on it.

biochip / biochips

This one's for Deus Ex fans and transhumanists.

colors / kolor / kolors

Show off your favorite hue.

datastore / datastores

Data has to go somewhere, right?

dedware / dedwares / dedwarez


dingbat / dingbats

Typography nerds, this one's for you!

dinner / lunch

Restauranteurs, customize your menu with dedicated domains!

diviner / diviners / divinity

Listen to that inner voice telling you to buy these domains.

doomscroll / goodscroll

Which do you prefer? You scroll regardless.

editor / editors

IDE builders and and media creation teams finally have the perfect identity for their sites.


The future is now.

hieroglyph / hieroglyphs / hieroglyphic / hieroglyphics

These are the perfect extensions for emoji, the modern-day hieroglyph.

hexa / hsla

Digital color lovers, y'all got one!

humanoid / humanoids

When you're not quite human but close enough.

inasmuch / insomuch

Logo-/lingua-philes rejoice, for these domain suffixes supplant legacy options.

internetpoint / internetpoints

These extensions would be great for anything tracking online virality across social networks or maybe cryptocurrencies.

jargon / technobabble

Be positive, make a site that dissects language intended to keep newcomers out. Gatekeepers are wack.

lefty / righty

From writing to politics to sports, this pair is versatile.

lewk / lewks

It's not so much about what you wear but how you serve. Work it. Flaunt it. Buy it.

loverboi / loverboy

Love is timeless.

microsystem / microsystems

Got a technical/hardware project or company? Look no further.

moodring / moodrings

Remember the '90s? These were so cool.

param / params

It would be neat if API documentation used extensions like these.

pondering / ponderings

What's on your mind? Better yet, start a blog with these extensions and share with the world.

savepoint / savepoints

A gaming blog or gaming tips forum would make great use of these.

scrot / scrots

Remember when people used to share screenshots of their desktop in the '00s?

shindeiru / shinderu

Complete the sentence: Omae wa mou…

soundfont / soundfonts

What else would you call audio dingbats?

soundteam / soundteams

The hallmark of a great games publisher is a phenomenal sound team.

theblackfriday / thecybermonday

Corner the holiday shopping rush with these prime extensions.

undernet / uranet

There are definitely a segment of Megaman Battle Network fans who agreed with Wily/W3.

webrowser / webbrowser

Don't be a browser vendor and get embarassed. Make sure to snag both extensions.

🐷🐔 / 🥓🥚 / 🥓🍳

Are you a breakfast food truck? Love bacon and eggs? Easiest decision ever.

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