Intelligent Design, Human Form.

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Populate Your Digital World

  • Create a diverse ecosystem of artificial beings using a .humanoids domain.
  • Perfect for video game developers, CGI studios, and virtual reality creators.
  • Establish your platform as the go‑to destination for lifelike digital characters.

Advance the Field of Anthropomorphic Design

  • Showcase a range of human‑like creations and innovations with a .humanoids domain.
  • Ideal for industrial designers, toy manufacturers, and animatronics specialists.
  • Attract collaborators and clients interested in bringing human‑like qualities to various products.

Explore the Sociology of the Artificial

  • Delve into the complex relationship between humans and human‑like entities using a .humanoids domain.
  • Suitable for social scientists, ethicists, and policy researchers focused on human‑robot interaction.
  • Engage academics, policymakers, and the public in discussions about the societal impact of humanoid technologies.

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