the origin

Lengthy anecdotes from a founder as to why their business exists in such exciting times is neat but, I've already done that here. Instead, here's a high‑level overview:

  • I discovered the Megaman Battle Network video game series as a teen, which inspired my vision for a more advanced, 3D internet experience.
  • I pondered creating my own TLD (top‑level domain) like ".space" or ".galaxy" but was deterred by the exorbitant $185,000 application fee from ICANN.
  • I stumbled upon Handshake, a decentralized domain name system, which provides an open and accessible (and affordable) way to create new TLDs.
  • Several of my dormant projects would thrive under their own Handshake TLDs.
  • While major domain registrars like Namecheap and Porkbun sell Handshake domains, no one has made a turnkey system to sell domains on their own TLDs…beachfront/ exists because I needed this.

the future

  • I want to see more diversity and creativity in web design, moving away from the "Fisher‑Price" aesthetic of many modern websites.
  • It's kind of hyperbolic to say I want to help "save the internet" but…it is what it is. The way I can do that is by providing user‑centric alternatives to the current corporate‑fueled enshittification of our online ecosystem.
  • My short‑term goal is to empower creatives with tools and services, while the long‑term vision is to realize the 3D internet depicted in Megaman Battle Network.

    Stop laughing at me.
Paul Anthony Webb in front of a flower bush whilst wearing a floral shirt in similar rich pink color

we are a Cupertino‑based registrar being the change we wish to see on the 'Net.

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